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Plumber Belgrade – all plumbing services in one place. Plumber Belgrade011/407-8-100 and 064/049-111-4

Plumber Belgrade – emergency plumbing interventionsNONSTOP

Plumber Belgrade Team is available 24 hours a year throughout the territory of Belgrade and beyond. Our team consists of qualified plumbers who perform their work professionally (Plumber Belgrade).

We (Plumber Belgrade Team) are coming immediately after the call without delay and postponement. Plumber Belgrade Team provides you the opportunity to schedule an intervention up to several days in advance.

We (Plumber Belgrade Team) cooperate with physical and legal persons, both domestic and foreign. If it is neccessary we engage interpreters for the purpose of adequate communication with foreign persons (Plumber Belgrade Team).

Plumber Belgrade – services

  • Replacement and installation of sanitary facilities;
  • service of the boiler;
  • sewage drain;
  • replacement of the valve;
  • rehabilitation of water pipes;
  • rehabilitation of sewer pipes;
  • and all other plumbing jobs.

Plumbing services Belgrade

Plumber Belgrade - Plumber services Belgrade

Plumber BelgradePlumber services Belgrade

Plumber Belgrade Team – contact

Phone 1: 011 / 407-8-100
Phone 2: 064 / 049-111-4

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